Top Places in London and Oxford to Visit for Die-Hard Harry Potter Fans

Do I even have to elaborate further? Huge disclaimer that this post is going to be rather detailed list of all the top places in London and Oxford that EVERY die-hard and self-proclaimed Harry Potter fan has to know of and visit. Plan for your own Harry Potter Walking Tour with your friends during your next visit to United Kingdom and relive all those fond memories of reading and watching the Harry Potter series.

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Conquering the Largest and Longest Zipline in Europe

During a road trip to North Wales (which I would be sharing more about in the next few posts), my friends and I have decided to conquer the largest and longest Zip line in Europe at Zip World. Even if you are someone who doesn’t like anything to do with heights or activities that defy gravity (like me), you would probably end up enjoying this. Enjoy and experience the closest thing to flying.

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The 12-Hour Guide To Manchester, United Kingdom

Four years ago, I immediately fell in love with this place and had never wanted toΒ return home ever again. HonestlyΒ speaking, I haven’t heard of anyone who have been to United Kingdom, and not love it. For those of you who have a packed schedule to adhere to, time is of the essence and perfect planning is needed.Β Well, here’s how you can make your short stopover in Manchester worthwhile, just like how I did, all in 12 Hours.Β  Continue reading