Ultimate 1 Day Itinerary Guide: 24 hours In Hong Kong – Things To Do, Places To Visit, Food To Eat

We arrived Hong Kong early in the morning at 6am so we had way enough time to make our way to our hotel to deposit our luggages before heading out for a good breakfast to start off the day. Took the Airport Express MTR from the Airport and within 30-40 minutes, we reached Jordan, where we stayed, and walked a 4 minutes distance to our Hotel which is just round a corner from Jordan station.  And our 48 hours in Hong Kong begins…

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Travelogue: A Trip To Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland, I’ve finally met you! Let me share with you some of the memories that I’ve brought back from my virgin trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Like any girl would, I grew up watching all the Disney movies and being so familiar with each Disney princess’s theme song, dreaming that one day, I would be there to experience the Disney magic…

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13 Best Instagram Photo Locations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful city and if you look closely enough, you will find so many photo locations and Instagram-Worthy spots for your overly-eager camera lens. So here’s 13 Best Instagram Photo Locations for the Instagrammer in you. For more visual treats, follow The Sky Passport on Instagram.

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The Ultimate 1-Day Travel Guide to Macau | 12 Places to Go in Macau

Macau is a beautiful place where you can see and experience Portuguese influences everywhere you go. All their addresses and street names are in Portuguese by the way, so this is where your wifi really comes in handy (if not be prepared to get lost). We hardly planned any itinerary so what you see here is all via the google-while-we-travel mentality. Exploring Macau in a day is possible, so follow me to Macau now!

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Easter Eggs Hunting at Hong Kong Disneyland (WARNING: Spoilers)

Blessed Easter Sunday! If you are heading to Hong Kong any time from now to 29 May 2016, you might just be in time to visit the Egg-stravaganza (17 March – 29 May) at Hong Kong Disneyland and enjoy a egg-citing eggs hunting session where you find Disney Character Eggs that are planted all over the park. Read more on my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland here. Continue reading

17 Food You Must Try In Hong Kong

Following from our previous 20 Taiwanese Food You Have To Try At Least Once post, here’s a list of 17 food that we’ve tried and absolutely love from our recent trip to Hong Kong. The thing about Hong Kong food is that they are not too fanciful. Simple everyday household food made really great.  Continue reading