Things to eat at Kenting Night Market (垦丁大街) – Updated Oct 2019

Kenting is located at the most Southern tip of Taiwan and is known for its white-sand beaches and water sports and activities for adventurous and youthful travelers. The water activities are held at houbihu (後壁湖), a fishing harbour in Kenting National Park. Activities include snorkeling,  banana-boating, reverse bumper ski and many more. Besides hitting the beach,  exploring the 9 must-visit places in Kenting National Park is a must for all nature lovers. After a day of exploring, head down to the vibrant Kenting Night Market (垦丁大街) to get these must-try street food from the night market.

Things to eat at Kenting Night Market (垦丁大街)

Address: Kending Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946
Opening Hours: Food stalls start to set up from 5pm onwards

1. Barbecued meat sticks (烤肉串)

Simply choose your  meat and get them barbecued for you on the spot.

 2. Japanese Taiyaki with red bean filling and Hokkaido soft-serve Ice-cream 

You are missing out if you do not know what a Taiyaki is. It is basically a Japanese fish-shaped pancakes, that is usually filled with red bean paste that is made from sweetened azuki beans. Lucky for us, this even comes with a soft-serve on top of it.

3. Seasoned fried giant squid (炸巨魷魚)

You know how everyone is going crazy over the flame-grilled beef cubes in Taipei? Similarly, fried giant squid is quite a big thing as well. That satisfaction though when you put the freshly fried, crispy and juicy squid into your mouth.

4. Sweet Potato Balls (地瓜球)

Any sweet potato lovers out there? In the guide to 24 hours in Hualien, Taiwan, I shared where I got my purple and yellow sweet potato ice-cream, so how can I not share about this purple and yellow sweet potato balls ( 地瓜球) that you can get easily along the streets of the night market. You might be wondering how it tastes like. If you are expecting to get a very powdery and floury texture, you are wrong. With the right amount of oil and heat, these sweet potato balls hit the right spot of chewiness and fluffiness.

5. Cheesy-baked potato mussel

Definitely a must-try; you won’t regret it. You can even choose to add toppings like seaweed sprinkles on top of it.

6. Corn Dogs and Potato Spirals 

While corn dogs can be pretty commonly seen around Taiwan, street food vendors are starting to innovate by creating new flavours. For the potato spirals, you get to choose from interesting flavours such as seaweed and curry.

Taiwan, the land of Night Markets

Having visited quite a number of night markets in Taipei, I must say that I love Kenting’s night market the most. It consists of an entire stretch of stalls selling food (mainly), with some retail shops behind the food stalls. Quiet as it seems in the day time, Kenting streets definitely light up with bustle when it hits evening. Kenting night market is straightforward as it can be; just two stretch of stalls facing each other. Skip the restaurants, and settle your dinner as you head down the street. The bars along the night market street are worth visiting though. Many come with live-music and great ambience for a late night hangout. If you are heading to Taiwan soon, don’t forget to check out this list of Taiwanese food you MUST TRY. Many travellers head to Hualien after Kenting to hike it out at the beautiful Taroko National Park and these are famous sightseeing spots you must witness with your own eyes at Taroko National Park.
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