Travelogue: A Trip To Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland, I’ve finally met you! Let me share with you some of the memories that I’ve brought back from my virgin trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Like any girl would, I grew up watching all the Disney movies and being so familiar with each Disney princess’s theme song, dreaming that one day, I would be there to experience the Disney magic…

Next Stop: Disneyland Resort Station

That morning, we excitedly trained down to Disneyland Resort station, just to realize that it started pouring so heavily that it lasted throughout the entire day. Not dampened by the rain, we continued to explore the theme park with our umbrellas and although we didn’t get to try out the outdoor rides, we had plenty of fun hunting for Disney character easter eggs all around Hong Kong Disneyland, as part of their Egg-stravaganza event, as well as indoor rides and performances.

The train towards Disneyland Resort was “Disney-themed” or rather “Mickey-themed” with Mickey Mouse motifs all over the train.

And there we are, at the very iconic bridge and castle entrance that avid instagrammers and bloggers have travelled miles to have their “bring me to” photos taken.

photo-taking with mickey and minnie

Go Disneyland must take photos with Mickey and Minnie right? Just so you know, we queued for almost 30 minutes before we get our solo shot with Minnie. Sounds pretty insane but that’s just what tourists do. Halfway while queueing, Minnie picked up a call and went off for a 5 minutes date with Mickey in the park (all scripted I suppose), while they head over to another pavilion for a photo taking session. Sometimes, it makes me wonder how it actually feels to play the role as Minnie Mouse in Disneyland.

We saw Snow White queueing to meet her best friend, Minnie, too. How cute!

It’s a small world after all

One of the best indoor ride that we have experienced was the “It’s a small world after all” ride. It was so carefully curated; every detail and decoration. What marvels me the most is the set of mechanism designed for this attraction. Once every 20 minutes or so, the cuckoo clock in the centre of the building will start showcasing small characters, each representing a nationality and tribe. Along with the iconic “It’s a small world after all” song, the characters will dance their way out in their brightly unique costumes.

Disneyland Snacks & souvenirs

Another one of the pitfalls that tourists fall into: Buying adorable “Disney snacks” that are way too expensive (but they are really good). But well, given a chance, I would buy them again. After all, it is all about the amusement park experience!

Disneyland Parade

If you are intending to head to Disneyland, please check the weather forecast in advance or at least on the day itself to avoid disappointment. If you know that it will rain on that day, but still wants to go ahead, be sure to pay a little more for a 2 days return ticket, so that you can come back on the next day to continue exploring (hopefully it doesn’t rain on the second day).

As it was still drizzling, Hong Kong Disneyland decided to cancel the mid-day parade by replacing it with a “wet-weather program”, to much disappointment.

Lanterns hanging down from trees; reminds me of the scene from Tangled

Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land was by far the most impressive in terms of set-up. The enormous, larger-than-usual toys really created the impression of us being small, just like the toy characters from the movie. Many of the rides at Toy Story Land seemed thrilling, but unfortunately, the weather killed our chances to enjoy them. Luckily, we had the Egg-stravaganza egg-hunting activity to keep us occupied in Disneyland.


Night-time at hong kong Disneyland

Night fell and the rain got increasingly heavier. Nevertheless, I was really thankful to visit the theme park,  to experience the magic of Disney. A little disappointed that we missed the parades as well as the fireworks (that’s the main point right grrr) but looking forward to a better experience at Disneyland Tokyo in future, maybe?

Ending the Hong Kong Disneyland experience with my favourite shots of the carousel. Whimsical and mysterious as they are, oh Carousel, you know how much I love you. We spun round and round, refusing to get down. Kids, we all are; secretly inside.

follow me to hong kong disneyland 

Here’s a quick recap of my day at Hong Kong Disneyland. Watch for many scenes that are not captured in the photos. Remember to subscribe to The Sky Passport’s YouTube Channel as well!


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