Conquering the Largest and Longest Zipline in Europe

During a road trip to North Wales (which I would be sharing more about in the next few posts), my friends and I have decided to conquer the largest and longest Zip line in Europe at Zip World. Even if you are someone who doesn’t like anything to do with heights or activities that defy gravity (like me), you would probably end up enjoying this. Enjoy and experience the closest thing to flying.

There are different types of zip lines, such as the Zip World Velocity, Zip World Titan, and many more, all of which had different features.

1. Velocity Zip Line (£70)

For the Velocity zip line (£70), you basically lie down facing the ground as you zip down with the wire hanging onto your back. Somewhat like the superman-kind of flying. It was unavailable during the period of our visit due to weather conditions as the wind was too strong. The minimum age to experience the Velocity zip is 10 years old.

2. Titan Zip Line (£50)

We went ahead with our second choice: the Titan zip line (£50), which was a series of three zip lines named Alfa, Bravo and Charlie, totaling up to over 8,000 meters. Instead of zipping down like a superman, we zipped down in a seated position and we could enjoy views over Blaenau Ffestiniog and the quarry. The titan is also the largest zip zone in Europe. If you are zipping together with your friends, Titan would be a great option as up to 4 zippers could go down at the same time. Try competing to see who reaches the end point fastest . I would recommend you to raise up your knees and curl up like a ball to get down faster. If not, go slow and enjoy the wind and stunning views. How often do you get the opportunity to zip down like this? The minimum age to experience the Titan zip is 7 years old.

3. Zip World London (£49)

It is until not long ago that they launched their newest zip line, Zip World London (£49). Not only do you get to zip through the city, you get to enjoy London’s iconic skyline like the London eye and the Big Ben. Such a pity that it was launched after our departure from London. Would definitely consider heading back to experience the new city zip.

Booking your zipline

You definitely have to book in advance as daily slots are relatively limited. We booked a day before our zip, and it was almost full. 1 batch consists of around less than 20 riders and most zips have only 2 batches per day.

Travelling to the Snowdonia

We rented a car and driving up to the the zip line in Snowdonia took us around 3 hours from our accommodation .

how long does it take at zip at the Zip World

Each zip is pretty quick (Less than 1 minute) but if you include the preparation, safety briefing, ferrying of the batch up to the zipping zones, and waiting for everyone in the batch to finish each zip before moving on to the next zip, the entire activity for Zip World Titan takes up to 2 hours.

 Check out our latest video to see us conquer the largest and longest zip line in Europe. Or you could watch it here on our YouTube Channel (The Sky Passport) to visualize what you will be experiencing! For more information, you may visit Zip World’s official website. Let me know how your zips went if you did go for it!

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