Here’s Why National Gallery Is Singapore’s Most Beautiful Museum

Housed in two historic national monuments – the former Supreme Court and City Hall, the building has been magically restored and transformed into Singapore’s new National Gallery which collects the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore as well as Southeast Asia.

 If you love museum-hopping, or immersing yourself in some air of solitude, walking down (marbled) empty corridors with high ceilings, you are in for a treat when you visit National Gallery Singapore

Besides the different exhibitions, the greatest piece of art is the building itself. Just by this criteria, I boldly term the National Gallery Singapore as the most beautiful museum in Singapore. I mean, just let the visuals convince you.

That’s the greatest part of visiting a museum or arts gallery I suppose. Embracing the therapeutic, calming and humbling experience. Immersing in the air of arts and heritage and being a part of it, understanding and making sense of each exhibit and corner of the building.

What can you do at the Gallery, you might ask? Well, I’d be exhibits visiting, people-watching, snapping of keep-sake worthy photographs, rooftop-viewing, drinking coffee at the Gallery cafe, and how about reading a book in one of the corners in this spacious building?

If you think the National Gallery is similar to the other museums in Singapore, and there’s no need to visit it, you are wrong. I always correlate museum-visiting with the entire experience you get out of it, not just the physical exhibitions that you see.

To fully experience the National Gallery Singapore experience, you need to at least spend half a day there to fully explore the beauty of it. Start early, I would highly recommend, before hopping off for a late lunch nearby.

On top of appreciating art, history and architecture, you can take a glimpse into the prison-cells which were remained from the past when the building used to be the Supreme Court where prisoners attend their trials.

If you are heading there at night, proceed to the rooftop garden for a bird’s eye view of the padang, Singapore flyer, Esplanade and many other iconic buildings in Singapore.

For Singaporeans and PR, you won’t have to fork out a single cent, like all other general musuems in Singapore. A fee of $20 will be applicable for non-Singaporeans.

National Gallery Singapore

1 St. Andrew’s Road, Singapore (178957)

Sun-Thurs, Public Holidays: 10am-7pm

Fri-Sat, Eve of Public Holidays: 10am-10pm

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