24 Hours in Manchester, United Kingdom

Four years ago, I immediately fell in love with this place and had never wanted to return home ever again. Honestly speaking, I haven’t heard of anyone who have been to United Kingdom, and not love it. For those of you who have a packed schedule to adhere to, time is of the essence and perfect planning is needed. Well, here’s how you can make your short stopover in Manchester worthwhile, just like how I did, all in 12 Hours. 

 Early Morning

If you arrive in Manchester early in the morning, while all the shops are still closed, take the opportunity to explore around the neighborhood, marveling at the majestic architecture and buildings. Something about these brick buildings just fascinates me.

Just the way I like to start off my day in a foreign land; strolling down the streets, exploring new sights. It is ultimately your call to either wander aimlessly and enjoy the idea of ‘getting lost’ in a new land, or whip out your trusty map (non digital ones please) for some exploring. I would pick the former.


Drop by Marks and Spencer for a peaceful  breakfast after your exploring. Visiting Marks and Spencer in United Kingdom is a must because their food hall is way no joke. The minute you step into the department store, you can practically have a whiff of the fragrance that comes from the freshly-baked bread and pastries corner. And more packets of Percy Pigs please!

Late Morning

When in United Kingdom, visit libraries and museums (even if you aren’t too interested in the literature arts) simply because their architecture and ambience will teleport back into the renaissance times. I headed to The John Rylands Library and it was a beautiful experience for me. The historical library houses some of the world’s finest collections of rare books and manuscripts. I was constantly ‘wow-ing’ with every sight of tall pillars, high ceilings, spiraling staircases, statues, chandeliers and full-length stained glass windows. The warm glow from the pillar lamps softly shone in the dim atmosphere, providing just the right amount of light needed in any library, I would say.

If you would like, visit Chetham’s Library, the country’s oldest public library, or choose to visit many other libraries.

The John Rylands Library

150 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3EH

Opening Hours: Monday / Sunday: 12-5pm | Tuesday-Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Early Afternoon

No matter whether you are a football fan or a Manchester United fan, I guess it is a life-time experience to pay the Manchester United Stadium a visit at Old Trafford. As part of the stadium tour, you get to visit the players’ dressing rooms (see and touch their jerseys), and to emerge from the players tunnel with a victorious entrance into a panoramic view of the entire stadium.Well, how often do you get to visit the actual stadium itself? The tour lasts for 80 minutes and it runs daily from 9.40am to 4.30pm except on match days.

For more information about its admission prices and booking of online tickets, visit their official website here.

Manchester United Stadium at Old Trafford

Museum: Monday – Saturday 9.30am – 5pm | Sunday: 10am – 4pm 

Stadium Tours: First tour starts at 9.40am, last tour starts at 4.30pm except on match days and some school holidays

Late Afternoon

Before heading for dinner, why not head to Primark for some retail therapy to pamper yourself after a day of exploring? Can I just say that we need a Primark here in Singapore? Tops going for as low as 1 pound? Be prepared to spend up to 3 hours easily in the land of clothes. Oh wait, besides clothes, they sell beauty products as well as home-wares. Think pretty bedsheets and cushions.


106 – 122 Market Street, Manchester, M1 1WA

Nearest Train/Bus Station: Piccadilly Train Station / Tram Link / Piccadilly Bus Station


Hop around the city spotting these iconic red telephone booths and stepping inside to pose for a i’m-at-a-payphone-trying-to-call-home OOTD photo for your instagram listing.


The night scene at Manchester, or rather United Kingdom is extraordinarily extravagant and festive, just like a scene from the musicals. Ditch the public transport, take a stroll along the streets with your camera and view the world through your lens.

What else did you do at Manchester? Share with us!

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