20 Taiwanese Food You Have To Try At Least Once (Note: Don’t Read When You’re Hungry)

Taiwan is all about night markets, and night markets are all about FOOD.  For those of you who haven’t been to Taiwan before, this shall be your food bible when you finally head to the land of awesome night market food. If you have been there countless times, there’s absolutely no harm in trying them again and again, simply because, why not? So here you have it, all the awesome Taiwanese food that you have to try at least once in your life! 

1. Pepper Bun 

Filled with dumpling fillings but even better with a generous amount of soup and a crispy (slightly charred) outer skin.

Where we found it: Raohe Night Market

2. Ah Zong Mian Xian (The Legendary One) 

A little overrated but still pretty good if you are eating it for the first time

Where we found it: No. 8~1 Emei St, Taipei (East Xi Men Ding Pedestrian Area) – they have many other outlets too

3. Shaved Ice

Where we found it: Xi Men Ding

4. Braised Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan)

Where we found it: Anywhere

5. Cheese Potato

Baked Potato stuffed with bacon, sweet corn, broccoli, pineapple, octopus, egg, tuna-mayo, and nacho cheese : $70 TWD ($3 SGD)

Where we found it: Shilin Night Market

6. Crispy Chicken Cutlet

ANY chicken cutlet in Taiwan is finger-licking good. Crispy skin and tender juicy meat.

7. Grass-Jelly Milk Tea

8. Grilled Bacon stuffed with Spring Onions

Where we found it: Shilin Night Market (Underground food area)

9. Da Chang bao Xiao Chang (大腸包小腸)

Where we found it: Shilin Night Market (Underground food area)

10. Fried Quail Eggs

Where we found it: Shilin Night Market (but most night markets would have them)

11. Sweet Potato / Sweet Potato Balls

What’s there not to love about Sweet Potato (Di Gua), not matter which shape they are in.

12. Wheel Pie (Japanese style)

Comes with different fillings like red bean, chocolate, cheese, durian, custard and more.

Where we found it: Raohe Night Market

13. Man Han Da Can Cup Noodles

5-Star Maggi Cup-Noodles that you must get from any 7-11/Family Mart. It costs around $2 SGD (Singapore’s 7-11 is selling it for $4 SGD). It even comes with real beef / pork. #superlegit

Where we found it: Any convenient store

14. Peanut and Ice-cream Popiah

Yam and vanilla ice-cream scoops in a sea of  fresh peanut shavings, wrapped in thin popiah skins. #ourfavourite

Where we found it: Jiu Fen

15. Smelly Toufu (Chou Dou Fu)

Many might not accustom to the after-taste but definitely a must try (at least once), if not don’t tell others that you’ve been to Taiwan.

16. Oyster Omelette

17. Dou Jiang You Tiao (Soya Milk and Dough Fritters) and Dan Bing (Egg ‘Prata’)

Because you just have to try it in Taiwan itself.

Where we found it: Yong He Dou Jiang 永和豆漿 |  No. 30 Hankou Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei (They have many other outlets all around Taipei too) 

18. Sweet potato-flavoured hokkaido ice-cream

Freshly made from purple and yellow sweet potatoes (Hualien’s specialty). One’s love for sweet potatoes and taro just never dies.

Where we found it: Hualien District

19. Seasoned Fried Giant Squid

20. Xiao Long Bao

Where we found it: Zhou Jia Xiao Long Bao (Hualien District)

And there you have it, top 20 famous Taiwanese food that you must definitely try on your next trip to Taiwan. Tell us which is your favourite, or if your favourite happens to not be in this list!

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13 thoughts on “20 Taiwanese Food You Have To Try At Least Once (Note: Don’t Read When You’re Hungry)

  1. Ng Su han says:

    Try their Hua diao chicken instant mee manufactured by their local TLL … Damn nice … Another variation is the deSame oil chicken instant mee… They hv rice wine inside which makes e noodle very fragrant…. Do take note that it’s pretty hard to find it though 7-11 n quan Jia do sell it…


  2. shomesho says:

    Just some things I think you missed:

    Beef Noodle Soup (This is so important! it’s basically Taiwan’s national dish!)
    Danshui A-Gei (noodle dumpling)
    Ba Wan (saucy meat dumpling)
    Danshui Fish Ball Soup
    Dou Hua
    Rou Geng Mian
    Pig Blood Cake
    Gua Bao
    Pineapple Cakes
    Tea Eggs


  3. Aaron says:

    Whoa, how convenient! I’m in Taiwan until the end of April.
    My favorite thing so far has to be the giant squid, but I do eat dan bing every morning. 😁

    And the peanut ice cream rolls in Jiufen… Magic. Pure magic.


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