8 Laid-Back Chillax Things To Do In Taipei

Taiwan should no longer be unfamiliar to the Instagram-lovers since the spam of insta-worthy food photos from their oh-so-awesome night markets. Taiwan has always been a country that I really love. The food, culture, people, scenery; you name it, I love it. And so if you haven’t already been to Taiwan, here’s some of the things that you can do in Taipei (laid-back version to be exact) without  having to pack your itinerary with lots of to-visit lists.

1.Enjoy a Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast

I always go for Yong He Dou Jiang whenever I’m in Taiwan. They have so many outlets around Taipei that you might just find one near where you stay. It gets a little crowded in the morning so just be prepared to wait for awhile or don’t be bothered by the cramped space. My favourite has got to be their you tiao, dan bing (egg crepe) and their soya milk.

2. Sing Karaoke 

One thing to note is that shops in Taipei open for business relatively late, around 10 or 11 in the morning. So if you have reaching Taiwan via an early fight, why not pop by the biggest Partyworld KTV at Xi Men Ding (opposite Red House) for a five-hour Karaoke. It was so crazy but hey, what’s Taiwan without singing Karaoke. They provide discounts for tourists too (just saying).

3. Indulge in Street Photography

Ignite the photography-junkie in you, sling the camera around your neck and snap away like a typical tourist. Simply because, when will you ever see such sights again in Singapore?

4. Visit Arts Bazaars

Visit the Red House Market for Artists and Designers that happens every weekend. It is conveniently situated just right outside Red House, across the main Ximending Shopping District. Arts junkies will love the creative vibe over there! One thing to note is that it isn’t really nice to bargain at this Arts market. Time to appreciate local talents and the arts culture, and not so much of the price and bargaining.

5. Visit Hipster Fleas

If you are not so into artsy-fartsy things, you might want to look out for hipster-vintage fleas like this one that we saw at the Xi Men Ding Cinema Park. They should usually occur only on weekends so just keep a lookout for them!

6. Window-Shop at Concept Stores

We headed down to Yong Kang Street which was known for the really cool stretch consisting of beautiful concept stores, eateries and cafes, which leads me to the next point.

7. Enjoy High-Tea and Cafe-Hop

Finding a place to chill on a lazy afternoon before heading down to night markets to have your stomach filled? Cafe-hop in Taipei’s famous cafe-street, Yong Kang Street!

8. Nights Market Hopping

What’s Taipei without Night Markets? The night market food is something to die for! My favorite night market snacks have got to be their sweet potato, oyster omelette, meesua and fried squid. The few night markets that I always go for are Shilin Night Market and Rao He Night Market.

However, if you prefer a little shopping in the midst of eating, you would probably prefer Shilin Night Market. For food junkies, you might find it a little distracting, so explore Rao He Night Market. Having said that, there’s so many more night markets in Taipei, so don’t stop at one, you can explore up to two per night if you are adventurous enough.

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